Means of travel

Kalymnos has good asphaltic roads, so most of the villages are easily accessible.

Municipal Bus Service

Municipal Bus Service. Click to enlarge enlarge (60kB)

Provides cost-saving fees. There are 6 lines :

All lines are going several times daily, limited on Sunday and public holidays. There are three buses from Pothia to Vathys and back daily. The buses are all in well-tended good conditions.

Pothia bus-stop. Click to enlarge enlarge (13kB)

The central station of Pothia is located vis-à-vis to the ferry-pier at the other end of the harbour (walking distance 15 min), 15 m behind the road junction of the one-way street to the town centre – easy to recognise by a small building with cupola at the waterside. From the ferry-pier walk rightwards and you will automatically find it. Tickets you will get at every kiosk or grocery nearby a bus stop. Bus drivers are not able to sell tickets !

Motorbike or scooter rental

motor scooter
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The ideal means of travel on Kalymnos with it’s short distances and narrow alleys is a scooter or a motorbike. You are flexible and can reach nearly every place you want. There are several places in Pothia where you can hire mopeds/scooters for 7-15 Euros/day. I recommend Scootermania (+30(22430)51780), located in a narrow side alley of the promenade of pothia. I am pleased to help you with your reservation. You have to take your driving licence with you if you want to hire a scooter.

Car rental

You can rent a car for your transportation too, but often they are not ideal for our narrow alleys. Kalymnians know them like the back of their hands, so they tend to drive according to their own rules! Please, drive defensive.