Kalymnos - Island of the sponge-divers

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The sight you will catch of Kalymnos arriving by ship is a mountainous island with cragged steep faces. But this first impression is illusory.The terrain of this fourth largest island of the Dodecanese is mountainous, except of two fertile valleys. It is along these valleys that it's biggest villages have sprouted, Pothia and Vathys.

Kalymnos is situated in the southeast Aegean, the Dodecanes between Kos and Leros. The main occupations of the approx. 15.000 cosmopolitan inhabitants are agriculture, shipping and fishing. Herewith the island has acquired his wealth, that is identifiable at the well-kep, often big houses.

It's unspoilt scenery - spectacular steep faces, lonely pebble and sandy beaches, gentle valleys, cragged mountains and wonderful caves - make it a little earthly paradise.

Kalymnos has to be prefered by travellers, that seeks a less frequented island for peaceful holidays whose interior remains pristine. It is also a great island if you like challenging hikes, rock-climbing or snorkeling. Scarcely burdened for tourism, the island hold out a promise of picturesque and peaceful holidays.

Ancient castles, remnants of fortresses, archaeological finds, and old churches, many of them not sighposted and only known by the inhabitants, bear witness to the continuous importance of Kalymnos in the history of the Aegean for many centuries.

Ancient and medieval monuments, Lonely beaches, unspoilt scenery and the fertile valley of Vathys invite you !

sky over Kalymnos
colourful pebble beach
The sea at Vathys
kalymnian landscapes

Island Informations

Kalymnos, lying between Kos and Leros, is the 4th largest island of the Dodecanese.

Three almost parallel mountain ranges divide Kalymnos running from NW to SE. Between these lie 2 fertile plains upon which the two main villages lie. Pothia, the capital of the island, it's main harbour, in the south and Vathys, the fertile green valley, in the north. At the west coast are a few small touristic places, the north coast of Kalymnos is virtually uninhabited.


Population: 18.253
land mass: 70 sqm
coastline: 68 miles
distance to Piraeus: 183 nautical miles
Pronunciation: 'Kal-hym-nos'
Tel. code: 0030 / 22430 / .....
Port Authority: tel. 24444