About me

I am Manolis Kolettis, owner of the Pension "Manolis". I am also a tourist guide, boat captain and farmer. But my favourite occupation is to be host to guests and friends. I am most content when the house is full of guests who make themselves at home and enjoy their time in my beautiful valley.

My sister and me. Click to enlarge
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With a lot of love and toil I have turned barren land into a fertile garden where many different varieties of fruit and herbs now grow. It gives me pleasure to see my guests enjoying the fruits of my labours and eating sun-ripened grapes from the vine or figs, oranges and apricots straight from the tree. Freshly picked basil, thyme, salvia and oregano will add aroma and flavour to your meals. Feel free to help yourselves!

I enjoy arranging trips on my boat to small bays and quiet beaches. I can take you to out of the way places that visitors normally cannot get to because they are little known or not open to the public.

My sister Kalliope, my niece Maria and her daughters help me with the pension as often as possible.

I lived in Canada for a long time, so my English is good.